Management Training



Participant receives a whole package including:

full administrative service for Visa, documents, insurance, registrations etc.

Board and lodging, care and assistance etc.

Phase I

Study Phase: 6 Month

Course (in English) working ethic courses for exam preparation

Transfer of “German Know-how” and soft skills

Academic courses for executives from a broad range of industrial sectors

Fast-track Management

German language certificate

Preparation of participants for their internship in German

Phase II


Exam / Certificate in Management

Phase III

Practical Phase: 6 Month

Internship in large- and medium-sized German companies

Integration of the participants into a network of companies and academic institutes

Establishment of an international network between participants and industry

Obtaining specific know-how through the internship

Supplementation of the theoretical background with the practical training to form elite key persons

Deepening the relationship between your country and Germany through the networking of participants


Management knowledge and leadership competence of an excellent Quality (6 Months)

  • Participants are first provided with a survey of the organizational structure of companies and the processes which take place within this structure.
  • Successful controlling of companies as well as the rules and instruments of external and management accounting, which aim to support the controlling process and external groups’ information regarding economic results.
  • Explaining the dynamics of markets and customers. Participants learn about customer orientation, competitive advantages, marketing, and service strategies.
  • Participants learn how to evaluate capital investments and how to assess financial investments.
  • General issues in managing, organizing and monitoring projects and in particular the specialties of planning and implementing cost management projects.
  • Different models of investment calculation as well as their underlying premises, limits and fields of usage. Moreover, participants will be provided with a deep and holistic understanding of the propositions and effects of financial management.

Internship in large- and medium-sized companies (6 Months)

  • Internships providing a “real-world experience” after all the theory of the classroom training.
  • Plenty of great companies and their resources to kickstart a participant’s career.
  • A chance to develop your knowledge and skills in a particular field or industry.
  • Exploring different roles to see which one you would like to pursue.
  • Obtaining insight into the way businesses work and what challenges they face on a daily basis.
  • The opportunity to create a network of
  • Focusing on timelines but with high quality control (Made in Germany).
  • Gaining valuable work experience to set participants apart from
  • Applying the concepts and strategies of academic study in a “live” work
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