• German Academy of Practical Management

    Through this academy, innovative and future-orientated countries generate their own treasure of “key persons”

  • German Academy of Practical Management

    “The executives and their countries will manage independently their own future projects without relying on foreign supervisors and specialists”.

  • German Academy of Practical Management

    “Personal resources and key persons are the best investment for our future”.

Welcome to the German Academy of Practical Management, one of Germany’s premier business schools! If you’re looking to enroll in a top-notch degree program or elevate your career through our Executive Education courses, you’ve come to the right place. Join our GAPM Community and immerse yourself in one of Europe’s most dynamic and entrepreneurial business networks.

Interdisciplinary approach Advanced technology integration Global collaborations Industry partnerships Flexible curricula World-class facilities Research-driven innovation


Our academy is known for its strong academic programs, distinguished faculty, supportive learning environment, student engagement opportunities, emphasis on research and innovation, global perspective, alumni network, career support, modern facilities, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and a continuous focus on improvement.


Our tailored curriculum covers key entrepreneurial concepts, and students receive personalized mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs. We offer startup incubation, networking opportunities, funding guidance, skill-building workshops, and platforms for showcasing their ideas. Our mission is to nurture student entrepreneurs, foster an entrepreneurial mindset, and cultivate visionary leaders.


Our network provides exciting opportunities for talent development. We engage with students, researchers, and faculty members, offering internships, mentorship programs, and collaborative projects. It fosters collaboration, creativity, and social connections and enables individuals to connect with interesting businesses people, explore new cultures, and participate in global business conversations.


Our academic community is a dynamic environment where researchers and students come together to exchange knowledge, collaborate, and pursue their academic goals. It promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, intellectual discussions, and mentorship. The academic community plays a crucial role in advancing knowledge, nurturing talent, and making a positive impact on society.

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